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Sherwood Clinical offers DME solutions and training for all ages.

Instructional Videos

Need help with your DME equipment?

Sherwood Clinical, serving all of Georgia, is here to help you. Below are instructional videos to help you get use and maintain your equipment. If you still have questions, contact us.


AMT Button

Care & Replacement for the AMT MiniOne Balloon Button

AMT MiniONE Non-Balloon Caregivers Guide

AMT’s ENFit® Transition Adapters

Mickey Button

Operating the EnteraLite® Infinity® Enteral Feeding Pump
Using and Caring for Balloon Type Gastrostomy Tubes

Kangaroo Joey Feeding Pump

Preparing and loading the Kangaroo™ Joey Enteral Feeding Pump for feeding.
Priming the Kangaroo™ Joey Enteral Feeding Pump for feeding only
Using the Intermittent Mode feature of the Kangaroo™ Joey Enteral Feeding Pump for feeding only
Using the Continuous Mode feature of the Kangaroo™ Joey Enteral Feeding Pump – feeding and flushing

EnteraLite Infenity Zevex Feeding Pump

EnterLite Infinity Training Video
HOW TO: Feed your child using a g-tube pump & other useful tricks

EnteraLite Orange Feeding Pump

How to Use Your EnteraLite Orange Feeding Pump

Roscoe Medical Pediatric Dog, Frog, bunny, and dinosaur Nebulizer

Roscoe Medical Pediatric Nebulizer Instructional Video

Roscoe Adult Nebulizer

How to Use Your Nebulizer

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  • Very satisfied with everyone I have come in contact with at Sherwood Clinical. Wonderful service and excellent customer service! Thank you for all that you do! Ya'll make this process easier to handle!

    Tiffany Edwards

  • You are great, very understanding and caring to work with. Thank all of you for what you do.

    Ann Patterson

  • We find the (Nebs and Meds) process efficient, less time consuming and the staff very helpful and easy to work with. Without hesitation I would recommend Sherwood Clinical for any medical facility interested in making this service available to their patients.

    Kelli Floyd

  • They are always very timely and concerned about Mrs. Ethyline.

    Theresa Buckley

  • Company has been doing great providing my son with the supplies he has needed for the last few years! Everyone from management to the drivers have been helpful and very courteous! We thank you for the support we receive!

    Gerald Robinson

  • GREAT! We have used Sherwood Clinical for medical supplies for both of our children for nearly five years.

    Kari Robinson

  • Since we've been with Sherwood we have had nothing but superior service. Everyone is so friendly and our supplies are always on time.

    Bataya Clements

  • We have been with Sherwood Clinical for approximately five years and have been blessed and very thankful for their services. Anyone I've talked to on the phone has been very pleasant and the people that deliver are really wonderful.

    Steve Scheerer

  • My experience with Sherwood Clinical has been great. The staff is friendly, my deliveries are on time each month and they do a great job at communicating. I would recommend Sherwood Clinical to family friends and strangers because they put their customer's needs first.

    Laquanza Smith

  • We love our technician! Great phone service too!

    Michelle Knebel



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